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Part of our maintenance program is regular repairs but sometimes emergencies happen. Call Raven Roofing to protect your commercial building investment.

You have a large financial investment in your commercial building. Whether it is a warehouse, large or small retail space, duplex to 200-unit multi-family apartment complex, Raven Roofing can help you protect and repair. Raven Roofing “gets you” and your need to weigh repairs versus cash flow. We give you options so that you can make the best business decision for you.

Remember the type of damage to your roof will dictate the type of repair. It also may dictate a complete tear-off and replacement.

Raven Roofing is sensitive to your need to keep those expenses to the minimum where possible. On the other hand, when a simple roof repair won’t provide your investment with the best protection, Raven Roofing will walk you through your options as to a tear-off and replacement.

A new flat roof as the one pictured above requires diligence to ensure it is installed properly after a “tear-off”.

Maintenance is critical. Raven Roofing, as a part of your team’s maintenance program will keep you covered and dry. We will respect and repair on a regular basis and keep your building dry. Call us about our regular maintenance programs.

Our Process

Processes that are perfected over time is what ensures our high quality of work on your roof. The process is simple but effective. Raven Roofing will review this process with you when we do our initial interview.

Step 1: Project Interview

Clearly understanding the issues and your concerns helps the estimator review the issues he will bid. this may include a review of your buildings architecture.

Step 2: Estimate

We complete the plan, style and color review. And, we get the correct measurements. The estimator uses professional software to get your detailed estimate. We will review it together. Any questions you have will be answered at this time.

Step 3: Job Approval

You agree that working with Raven Roofing is your best option. You sign the estimate and make your deposit payment. Raven Roofing then orders all materials needed to do your job right. Delivery to your job site will be made by our suppliers.

Step 4: Work Commenced

On a date agreed with you, our crews show up and make needed repairs. We clean up your home-site when we are finished. This usually takes between 5-10 days depending on the scope of the work.

Step 5: Project Completed

The workmen have completed the work. You review the job with the Lead or the estimator. Everyone is happy! You make the final payment to Raven Roofing and work in the building continues under a dry roof.
Change, even when it is necessary, is rarely easy. It takes time and energy. Raven Roofing knows that as a building owner you have a lot to worry about. Let us make this repair process as quick and as easy a process for you.

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Frequently asked questions

You will have many questions as we meet and review this process to repair or even replace your roof with new materials. Some of the critical questions that you, as a smart business owner will have of Raven Roofing are listed below.
What is your License Number?

We will provide you with it when you call. Simple. Easy.

Do you have Workman's Compensation Insurance?
Yes, like you as business owner, we understand the obligation we have to protect our employees from injury.
Does Raven Roofing Use Subcontractors?
If the best thing for you and your job is a skilled craftsman for the particulars of your unique roof, we will hire some. However, we almost always use employees on our projects to control the quality of the work we do on your roof.
Is it okay to do a temporary fix and defer the larger repairs and maintenance?
We never recommend a “quick fix” on a roof. This only defers maintenance to some future date and may mean subsequent repairs are even more expensive.
What will you do around the base of the roof where it comes in contact with the exterior materials of the building?
Good question and it is one we review with your prior to making an estimate. We will usually recommend repairing the drip edge and other edging materials when needed. However, sometimes the best thing for you is to replace them.
I have a strict annual maintenance budget. Can you work with me on costs?
Raven Roofing is a business and we understands how important it is to live within a budget. We have found that the best way to live within a budget is proactive maintenance. Call us about our regular maintenance programs.

Let's Get Started

Working with Us really is easy for You! First, take a minute to determine what you need. Then fill I the form below. (Yes, we really need your address). The wonderful thing about innovation includes being able to measure your roof via satellites. Pretty cool, right? You also will want to give us the best way to contact you. If your project includes some remodel work, we will come walk through it with you. Once you have provided us with the information we need, we prepare an estimate and send it to you for your approval. And, yes, that’s it. So, let’s get started!

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Questions, Call Us (801) 367-7554