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You and Raven Roofing have reviewed your options and you have determined you need to replace your roof. So, where do we go from here?
First things first, of course. We decide together on what materials, architecture, design and longevity you want for your new roof.
Once those types of decisions are made we sit down with you and make sure we got it right. It is important that your new roof is done right. That means we have to ask if we do a layover on the old materials or do we tear off what is there and replace everything down do the plywood or trusses. Your job will be unique and it needs to work for you, your building and your budget.

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Still, thinking about? Comfortable with the buckets catching water in your office? Of course not. So, give Raven Roofing a call. Let us bail you out.

Of course, Raven Roofing can’t decide what you need and when you need it. But, we can be there and we can do the work once you have chosen to move forward. We becomes partners in ensuring you get the roof you need.

Our Process

Does this look familiar? It should. This process is the way it is because it works best for the clients and customers of Raven Roofing. Let’s review it again.

Step 1: Project Interview

The best results begin with the best interview. We take the time to find out what your needs and wants are. Then we can best determine how to help you get what you need. We call this the project interview.

Step 2: Estimate

Raven Roofing has a myriad of tools we can use to help make your estimate as accurate as possible from satellite measurements to advanced estimating software. When you get our estimate you know the numbers actually reflect what you need to have done.

Step 3: Job Approval

We meet again and discuss the estimate. You agree with us that the estimate is fair and accurate. You approve the job and sign off on the estimate. Part of the approval process is making your first payment to Raven Roofing.

Step 4: Work Commenced

Everything is in place for a smooth process and a clean and friendly working environment. Materials and supplies get delivered a long with dump trailers and our crews. Before you know it, the work is done. We clean up and the crews leave you better off than you were before.

Step 5: Project Completed

Let’s walk your roof (well maybe not on top of it) but, let’s make a good visual inspection and make sure we didn’t encounter surprises. You agree with Raven Roofing that a high quality beautiful roof is now on your building. Yea. No more worries. You make the final payment to Raven Roofing.
This may make things sound too simple. But, you know, we think it can be just this simple. Give us a call and let us walk you through it. Your building and your investment is safe in our hands.

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Frequently asked questions

You will have many questions as we meet and review this process to repair or even replace your roof with new materials. Some of the critical questions that you, as a smart business owner will have of Raven Roofing are listed below.
What is your License Number?

We will provide you with it when you call. Simple. Easy.

Do you have Workman's Compensation Insurance?
Yes, like you as business owner, we understand the obligation we have to protect our employees from injury.
Does Raven Roofing Use Subcontractors?
If the best thing for you and your job is a skilled craftsman for the particulars of your unique roof, we will hire some. However, we almost always use employees on our projects to control the quality of the work we do on your roof.
Is it okay to do a temporary fix and defer the larger repairs and maintenance?
We never recommend a “quick fix” on a roof. This only defers maintenance to some future date and may mean subsequent repairs are even more expensive.
What will you do around the base of the roof where it comes in contact with the exterior materials of the building?
Good question and it is one we review with your prior to making an estimate. We will usually recommend repairing the drip edge and other edging materials when needed. However, sometimes the best thing for you is to replace them.
I have a strict annual maintenance budget. Can you work with me on costs?
Raven Roofing is a business and we understands how important it is to live within a budget. We have found that the best way to live within a budget is proactive maintenance. Call us about our regular maintenance programs.

Let's Get Started

Working with Us really is easy for You! First, take a minute to determine what you need. Then fill I the form below. (Yes, we really need your address). The wonderful thing about innovation includes being able to measure your roof via satellites. Pretty cool, right? You also will want to give us the best way to contact you. If your project includes some remodel work, we will come walk through it with you. Once you have provided us with the information we need, we prepare an estimate and send it to you for your approval. And, yes, that’s it. So, let’s get started!

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Questions, Call Us (801) 367-7554