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Yes, your dad was right, take care of it like you love it. Good commercial building managers and owners know that regular and routine maintenance is the key to roof longevity. Deferring maintenance for some future “better time” means the cost to fix a leaky roof is going to be higher and the damager greater. Raven Roofing helps you with the regular maintenance of your roof.

Big roofs often mean big contractors. Raven Roofing understands that big contractors are not anxious to do a small commercial building. But, we do! There is no job too small for us.


Raven Roofing offers many services to commercial building owners. These includes annual maintenance inspection and preventive repairs. We will also do them quarterly or seasonally. Want to know how your roof handled a tough winter? Give Raven Roofing a call. Flat roof and a really hot summer can mean problems for winter. Call us. We got you covered. Raven Roofing will build a new roof, repair an old one or do a tear off and replace. Let’s talk.

Roof Replacement

Your roof has aged and no more deferred maintenance. Time to tear off and replace.

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New Roof

Looking for bids on your new office, warehouse, or multi-family building? We got it. Give us a call!

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Roof Repair

Time does run out even on well installed roofs. Damage happens. Repairing and maintaining your roof with the skilled workers at Raven Roofing extends the life of your roof!

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Commercial Replacements

You have a large financial investment in your commercial building. Whether it is a warehouse, large or small retail space, duplex to 200-unit multi-family apartment complex, Raven Roofing can help you protect and replace it. Raven Roofing “gets you” and your need to weigh replacement versus cash flow. We give you options so that you can make the best business decision for you.

Remember the type of existing roof and the damage to it will dictate the type of replacement. It also may dictate a complete tear-off and replacement rather than an overlay.

Raven Roofing is sensitive to your need to keep those expenses to the minimum where possible. On the other hand, when a simple roof repair won’t provide your investment with the best protection, Raven Roofing will walk you through your options as to a tear-off and replacement.

Part of our maintenance program is regular repairs but sometimes emergencies happen. Call Raven Roofing to protect your commercial building investment.

You have a large financial investment in your commercial building. Whether it is a warehouse, large or small retail space, duplex to 200-unit multi-family apartment complex, Raven Roofing can help you protect and repair. Raven Roofing “gets you” and your need to weigh repairs versus cash flow. We give you options so that you can make the best business decision for you.

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New Roof

You are investing in the construction of a new commercial building or multi-family complex and the roof is critical. You spend money on architects and engineers so everything is “perfect”. Now you get to chose the perfect roofing company to pull it all together. Raven Roofing is ready to do the job you need.
New Roofs for your new commercial projects are a substantial investment for you as a commercial property owner or investor. Between engineering, site improvements, architectural drawings and the cost of your money, you are vested in the project. Raven Roof is here to help you make that investment solid, secure and beautiful. We work with you to help you achieve your goal for a solid and good looking investment. Call us for bids and estimates for your new construction project

Flat roof, no problem we can get you covered. Tile roof trim. Okay. Raven Roofing makes it work for you.

Just as there are many types of commercial buildings including multi-family, professional office space, retail space, there are many types of roofs. Your roof, your way. Raven Roofing gets it and can get it done for you. Yes. Construction costs are expanding rapidly along with economic inflation. Once you get our bid, however, we promise to hold to the parameters.

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Roof Repair

Oh, no! Your tenant just called and the roof is leaking! Who do you call? How do you know? Commercial repairs are best prevented through regular maintenance programs. Raven Roofing knows that even a good maintenance program won’t stop hail or wind from damaging your roof. Call us. Let us help you figure out the extent of the damage and how to fix it.

Raven Roofing has experience fixing commercial roofs that are damage by weather, heat, cold, water and wind. The elements may seem to conspire against you when it comes to preventing roof leaks but Raven Roofing has you covered. Worrying about your damaged roof won’t keep you up at night once Raven Roofing is on the job.

Remember, call as soon as possible when you notice the damage. Your regular maintenance guy might be great at patching but repairing leaks takes the kind of expertise you will find at Raven Roofing!

Roofs have vents, drains, and edges that can deteriorate or separate as in the picture above. Over time this heat expansion can cause leaks.

Form and function. Many commercial buildings have an architectural style that calls for a flat roof. This affords great utilization of the interior space. It also helps accentuate the facade and entrances. Flat roofs, however, have a greater chance of leaking over time even though the materials are designed to expand and contract in the heat and cold.

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