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Questions every home and building owner should ask a roofer. 
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Picking a roofing contractor or any contractor can be a stressful ordeal. Especially if you don’t do yearly roof maintenance. When it comes time to call a roofing contractor you might be dealing with a leaking or damaged roof, and then on top of that, you don’t know who to call and most likely it will be in the middle of winter. So now you have to and you have to sort through all of the available roofing contractors in your area to find the one who will get the job done right while still affordable. Most homeowners do not know anything about their roof and what makes a roofing contractor good or reliable, especially if you’re a new homeowner or have never needed or had to fix one before.
Here are 15 excellent questions to ask potential roofing contractors—before you sign on the dotted line or even have them step on your roof for an estimate.

What is your License Number?

This is important because this way you know you’re working with a roofer who will comply with your state’s codes. It is great to know that they are licensed, and you can check and see if that license is up to date, I know it does not guarantee that you will get a perfect roof install or that it will not leak or have some other issues come up. However, it does show you how long they have been working under their current company name and who is the big cheese AKA the man in charge in case you ever have a complaint. It also means that you will have potential more legal recourse in the event that something goes wrong with the work, too. It also means that the company is trying to be more compliant with the laws of the land. Who is going to do a better roof install one who has registered with the state or a fly by night one?

Here we will make it easy for you


Asking this question is one way of checking to see if the company you are working with cares about their employees. It goes one step further, they care about their employees and you as a homeowner. It is there to cover you and the roofer and the employee if an accident happens. If they are willing to risk not having worker’s compensation insurance what else are they willing to risk?


It’s not a bad thing if they do but it creates more separation of control from the person that you hire to do the work. These subcontractors might not have any first 3 items on this list.

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What is the difference between a tear off and a 2nd layer layover?

With a second layer of on your home the shingles wear out prematurely. You also cannot address the potential trouble areas of your current roofing system. Such as wall flashing, step flashing, chimney flashing and rotten wood decking also known as sheeting also missing ice and water shield. For a better quality and longer lasting roof the old roof should always be removed before a new one is installed. On lower sloped shingle roofs the top layer will conform to the bottom layer and creates cupping which then those cups start to hold water and ice on the roof which will leak into the home over time.


Drip edge and edge metal are small pieces of aluminum situated under the shingle, where it extends off the roof. This helps guide runoff into the gutters instead of behind them, protecting the wood and fascia of your roof. Some roofers may not default to installing this unless it’s mentioned, so be sure to bring it up before you hire a roofing company.

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