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Have a leaky roof or selling your home and the inspector found some issues with your roof?
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No repair to big or small

We know the Utah climate and know that the repair has to be done correctly in order for it not to leak again. Some roofers do not like to take the time to do repair work. Which is understandable if you do a quality shingle install you should not have to do any repair work we have also repaired work from those fly by night roofers.  We know that things do happen and most of them are out of the home owners control. So we asses the situation and give the home owner a solution that will achieve their goals. 
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When not to repair

Part of doing repairs is knowing that attempting to do a repair will only be wasting money. In some cases we have found that a fix will not make the roof not leak. What good is it to fix a part of a roof when the whole roof has reached the end of its life and now needs to be replaced. We have found that many clients are tired of doing expensive repairs that only leak in the near future again. Sometimes we will even say that we will not repair a roof. Why do we say that? Well sometimes when a roof is so old when you do a repair in one spot it can be fixed but tends to leak in another spot near by and the homeowner blame the roofer for a bad repair. To the roofers credit they did a good repair the roof is just old and needs to be replaced. 

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