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You May Qualify for Immediate Roof Repairs or a Full Roof Replacement Paid for by Insurance

Raven Roofing gets the job “done right” for Owners like you living in Murray and throughout Utah. Raven Roofing is the leader in Roof Construction, Re-roofs, Roof Re-covers, Roof Coatings (for Flat Roofs) and Roof Repairs.

Is your roofing leaking? Are you finding shingles on your lawn? Are you seeing lots of granules in your gutters or under your downspouts? Get your roof replaced or repaired by roofing experts.

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You can learn more about Raven Roofing and Renovations right here. There are many choices when it comes to roofing companies. There are not, however, roofing companies like ours with over 25 years of experience here in Northern Utah. Residential roofs, like yours, have a natural life span. When the time runs out on your roof, you will need to replace it or repair it. The Pros at Raven Roofing know what your roof needs. They know the most cost-effective way for you.

Residential Roofing

With 25 years of experience, Raven Roofing is the leader in residential New Roof Construction, Re-roofs, Roof Recovers, Roof Coatings for Flat Roofs and residential Roof Repairs in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

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Commercial Roofing

Yes, time runs out on commercial roofs too! There are many kinds of roofs on all types of commercial buildings. Raven Roofing fixes or replaces roofs on all commercial buildings like yours.

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Renovations and Remodels

Renovating that “fixer-upper” you just bought? Or, need the room by finally finishing your basement? Raven Roofing has the skill needed to do both. Call for an estimate on your project.

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Residential Roofing

Raven Roofing is on roofs, just like yours, every day. It is something we do better than anyone in the area. Your roof is so important that we continually educate our installers on best practices as taught by manufacturers.
Being the best means you get the best. Let us take care of your roof and take away this worry of home ownership. We are experts on:
  • Shingle Roof Solutions. You will get top level solutions for your shingle roof, replacements re-covers, repairs and inspections.
  • TPO or Flat Roof Solutions. You will get the very best options for your flat roof replacement, re-cover, repair and inspections.
  • Metal Roof. If the longevity and good looks of a metal roof is a desire you have, Raven Roofing has options for you.
  • Shake Shingles. Time to retreat your shake shingles? How do you know? Call us and we will walk you through both your necessary options and repairs.

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Commercial Roofing

Your tenants are complaining that their roof is leaking and you need help fast! The solution to your commercial roofing problems is Raven Roofing. Your big projects are our favorite problem to tackle. Raven Roofing is a Utah, family-owned, roofing company. Your roofing needs are our priority.
You will be pleasantly surprised at our response times, quality of work, and customer service for both your big and small commercial projects.
  • Commercial Repairs. Your roof doesn’t always need to be replaced. Raven Roofing inspects and recommends repairs needed.
  • Commercial Installation. You are building a new commercial space and you want the best and most appropriate roof. Raven Roofing has recommendations for your roof.
  • Commercial Maintenance. You know that even new and good roofs need regular maintenance. The professionals at Raven Roofing can provide you with regularly scheduled maintenance.

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Why Raven

Thank you for asking! Raven Roofing and Renovations is proud of its’ 30 years of contracting here in Utah. Yes. Your needs will be fixed because the Raven group knows the very best way to help you solve your problems. The Raven group also understands your passion and desire to make your home beautiful and comfortable. Why are we the best options for you?

You want it beautiful and that is what you will get.


Beautiful on the inside or as we say “built right” for you.


The Raven family of workers is committed to your finding joy and satisfaction in the experience and end results.


You want it done right and you want it done on-time. The folks at Raven Roofing and Renovations understand timeliness.


You have questions, important questions. The owners at Raven Roofing and Renovations know how to listen to you.


You don’t have time for a contractor who says what he thinks you want to hear. We get it. You will hear the truth from us.


Yes. You have a budget and, yes, sticking to that budget it important. The Raven group knows this and will help you stick to your budget.


To ensure your project meets and exceeds industry standards Raven managers and crews receive on-going training.


Your project will be pristine after our “tear-off” because that is just what we do. We clean up after ourselves.

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Working with Us really is easy for You! First, take a minute to determine what you need. Then fill I the form below. (Yes, we really need your address). The wonderful thing about innovation includes being able to measure your roof via satellites. Pretty cool, right? You also will want to give us the best way to contact you. If your project includes some remodel work, we will come walk through it with you. Once you have provided us with the information we need, we prepare an estimate and send it to you for your approval. And, yes, that’s it. So, let’s get started!

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Look at some of the many areas Raven Roofing provides service to its’ clients.

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