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Roofing Services

Experienced labor with a quality product keeps you worry and leak free. Raven Roofing has partnered with the best shingle manufacture, CertainTeed. 

New Roof / Replacements

Protect your home with the roofing system that protects and lasts. Quality products and experienced professionals will give you a beautiful long lasting roof.
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Roof Recovers 
2nd layers

Tight on money and not planning on keeping your home for an extended period? This option is for you.

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Roof Leaking? We can come out and fix it right then and there or if the leak is more extensive we can discuss further options. 

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Roof Inspections

Buying a home? Let a roofer give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. We see all types of problems, you don't want to buy someone else's problems
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Signs you need a new Roof

Take a look at some of the shingle roof issues we come across every day. This is not a complete list. 
Granulation Loss

Granular Loss

Granulation loss. This is one of the most common and most noticeable from the street. This is caused by a few different factors. One could be excessive attic heat due to poor attic ventilation .  

Roofing Quiz

Can you see 4 different reasons how this roof could leak?

Okay we will help you. 
1. Missing Shingles
2. Heat Cracks
3. Nail Pops
4. Pipe boot 
Roofing Quiz shingles
Improper pipe boot installation

Pipe Boots

Improper pipe boot installation. Don't let a rookie install a pipe boot. Sure you can add tar all over it. However it does not guarantee that you will not get a leak. 

Missing Shingles

Find a shingle on your driveway or lawn? Best bet is that it was from your home. This happens more often then most home owners like. Don't shrug it off call a professional roofer to get a replacement up there ASAP. You don't want it to leak and destroy your plywood underneath the shingles then leak into the attic and destroy your ceiling drywall of drip out of your light. 
Missing Roof Shingle
Leaking roof Valleys

Valley Leaks

Valleys can leak and often do. Due to improper installation of shingles or ice dams from no ice shield.

Heat Cracks

Heat cracks cause leaks and damage to homes. If you see these Good news to us bad news for you. The roof needs to be replaced. 
Shingle Heat Cracks
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