Thanks for Contacting us!

So you filled out the form what Happens next? This is a general outline of what happens.

Same Day Contact 

Time Frame: within 24 hours
Based on what service you need. We give your information to the appropriate estimator and he will be contacting you to set up an appointment. 


Time Frame: 24 to 48 Hours
Review job with deciding parties and write up estimate. 

Job Approved

Time Frame: (Not our Control)
Job is approved, color of shingle is chosen, deposit collected, and materials ordered. 

Work Commenced

Time Frame: within 14 days of job approval
We can usually get the job started within the first 5 business days after approval. We can you the job completed quicker if it is a small job and we can work you in between two bigger jobs. 

Project Completed

Time frame: 2-5 days
Project completed work reviewed with deciding parties final payment collected. 
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