Why Raven

Thank you for asking! Raven roofing and renovation is proud of its’ 30 years or contracting here in Utah. Yes. Your needs will be fixed because the Raven group knows the very best way to help you solve your problems. The Raven group also understands your passion and desire to make your home beautiful and comfortable.
Experienced, skilled and well-trained tradesmen are always used on your project when you use Raven Roofing and Contracting.

More Experience

We are a full service roofing and restoration company. We have the ability to restore your entire home to it’s best state. We have more than 50 years combined experience and five star ratings on Google and Facebook. You can trust Raven Roofing and Contracting Inc. with your roof.
The beautiful part about “why” for Raven Roofing is that we love what we do. We work with hard-working and energetic employees. We work with wonderful homeowners like you. We take something that needs fixing and fix it. We take something that looks bad and make it beautiful. That is our “why” and because it is about you and your house, it is also your “why”.

Another good reason to use Raven Roofing and Contracting is our happy group of customers. Read about their experience with us.

Every project is different. Every client is different. Our work is to marry our client’s needs and wants with a good system that gives them what they want. Marrying these needs together is just another “why” you should use us.

You want it beautiful and that is what you will get.


Beautiful on the inside or as we say “built right” for you.


The Raven family of workers is committed to your finding joy and satisfaction in the experience and end results.


You want it done right and you want it done on-time. The folks at Raven Roofing and Renovations understand timeliness.


You have questions, important questions. The owners at Raven Roofing and Renovations know how to listen to you.


You don’t have time for a contractor who says what he thinks you want to hear. We get it. You will hear the truth from us.


Yes. You have a budget and, yes, sticking to that budget it important. The Raven group knows this and will help you stick to your budget.


To ensure your project meets and exceeds industry standards Raven managers and crews receive on-going training.


Your project will be pristine after our “tear-off” because that is just what we do. We clean up after ourselves.

Don’t you think it is right for you to join our happy customers? Don’t you agree that this is just the kind of experience you want as you look at the roofing or renovation project ahead for you?

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Our process

Developed over the past 25 years, our process is simple and effective. We take the time to understand your job. We make sure you understand what it will cost and how it will work. Then we do it. Our clients become our partners. Simple but effective, right?
Key to our process working starts with our employees. We hire and train carefully so that you will enjoy peace of mind as Raven Roofing works on your roof. You won’t have to worry about “cost over-runs” or “going over budget”. We stick to our numbers and your goals. If your goals change, we make sure you understand what that will add to your costs and let you decide if it is indeed a worthwhile change. Then we do it. We process the job according to our schedule and within the framework to which you agreed. Let’s do this.

Hey, let us just take a look at it for you. We don’t charge you to come out. We don’t charge you for an estimate. So, call us. Let us help you.

“Why” is the 64 million dollar question, right? Why did I or why didn’t I? Sometimes the answer to this question gives you a great deal of peace. Sometimes when you ask why you ask it from a place of pain. Rest assured when you ask “Why Raven Roofing and Contracting” your answer will bring you a smile and a very happy “yes” if you use our experience and expertise!
Can this process vary? Of course. Every home and every project includes a variety of unique issues. We look carefully at each project and manage the specific needs of the project and the homeowner. In the end, Raven Roofing is committed to happy customers.

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More Options

Yes, asphalt roof shingles are the most popular material used by Raven Roofing. Our clients have found it a great product to protect your home through decades of harsh condition. They require minimal upkeep. They exist in many colors and styles. (Remember, we also do many roofs done with wood shingles, tiles and slate).
Usually it is the color of an asphalt shingle roof that we first notice but there are other characteristics that are important for you to know about. Some of the types of asphalt shingle roofs are 3-tab shingles or “strip shingles” your most basic asphalt shingle. There are “architectural shingles” which add dimension to the shingle and used most often in Utah today. And, yes, luxury shingles which offers the highest quality of material and the longest lasting protection. Luxury shingles look most like genuine wood shake or slate roofs.

Our highly experienced managers offer you many roofing material options. They have found that Certainteed is one of the best roofing materials. The material results in a worry-free and leak-free product that lasts a long time.

You want to spend a little more for a luxury roof? Raven Roofing also works with Certainteed and their luxury shingle products. Let us price them for you. In addition, we use Owens Corning who uses science to design a long-lasting and beautiful roof. Ask us about your Owens Corning product availability.

remodel options

When remodeling your home includes a complete exterior remodel, we work closely with you to match materials to your style.

roofing options

A new roof on a custom home requires extra thought and extra options. Raven Roofing provides those for you.

repair options

Matching your broken tile or slate roof colors and style can be difficult but we work with you and our suppliers to find one.
Raven Roofing studies these issues and materials everyday and the more we do, the less you have to worry about. We know that when your home is protected on the outside you can live the life you want inside it. Call Raven Roofing and Contracting today and let’s make this happen for you.

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Let's Get Started

Working with Us really is easy for You! First, take a minute to determine what you need. Then fill I the form below. (Yes, we really need your address). The wonderful thing about innovation includes being able to measure your roof via satellites. Pretty cool, right? You also will want to give us the best way to contact you. If your project includes some remodel work, we will come walk through it with you. Once you have provided us with the information we need, we prepare an estimate and send it to you for your approval. And, yes, that’s it. So, let’s get started!

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Look at some of the many areas Raven Roofing provides service to its’ clients.

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